Christine Harrington
Christine Harrington is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Center for Student Success at the New Jersey Council of County Colleges. Prior to this position, Dr. Harrington was a Professor of Psychology at Middlesex County College where she also served as the director of the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching, the faculty development center for five years. She is the author of Student Success in College: Doing What Works! 2nd edition (a research-based textbook for first-year seminars) published by Cengage Learning. She also wrote a chapter entitled The Process of Becoming a Critical Thinker in a book entitled Foundations for Critical Thinking, published by the National Resource Center for First Year Experience in 2015. She also has the following articles in E-Source for College Transitions, a peer reviewed online journal: Dynamic Lecturing in First-Year Courses: Continuing a Proven Tradition and Using Peer-Reviewed Research to Teach Academic Study Skills in First-Year Seminars. Christine is currently (2013-present) a reviewer for the Teaching of Psychology journal, a publication of the American Psychological Association; she previously served on the Editorial Board for the Journal of College Counseling (2002-2008). Christine regularly presents at national teaching and learning conferences such as the Lilly Teaching and Learning Conference, the Annual First Year Experience conference, and has been an invited keynote speaker at many colleges and universities across the United States. At the Annual Conference of the First-Year Experience in 2017, she gave a plenary speech entitled “Increasing Academic Rigor in First-Year Seminar Courses”. She also presented “Creating a Powerful Syllabus” and “Dynamic Lecturing”, and co-presented with Melissa Thomas, currently teaching at University of Texas at Austin, on the Science of Motivation.
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