Building Transfer Student Pathways for College and Career Success

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Published: October 2018  

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Published: October 2018  

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Publisher: National Resource Center for The First Year Experience
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Published in partnership with the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students.

Analysis of bachelor’s degree completion suggests that only about a third of college graduates attend a single institution from start to finish. More than one quarter earn college credits from three or more schools before completing a degree. For most, these student defined pathways lead to increased time-to-degree and higher costs. Many will simply drop out long before crossing the finish line. Ensuring college completion and success requires an understanding of the evolving nature of transfer transitions and a system-wide approach that reaches beyond two-year and four-year institutions to include high schools participating in dual enrollment programs and military college initiatives. A new edited collection offers insight into institutional and statewide partnerships that create clearly defined pathways to college graduation and career success for all students.

Table of Contents:
Janet Marling

Mark Allen Poisel and Sonya Joseph

Chapter 1
Student Transfer and Mobility: Pathways, Scale, and Outcomes for Student Success
Douglas T. Shapiro

Chapter 2
The Tennessee Reverse Transfer Program:A Case Study on Partnerships to Support Seamless Transfer
Nancy Dietrich, Gloria Gammell, and India Lane

Chapter 3
Transfer Readiness: Insights From 10 Years of Intentional Design
Joyce C. Romano and Maria L. Hesse

Chapter 4
Theories, Research, and Best Practices Related to Transfer Student Orientation
Stephanie M. Foote

Chapter 5
Academic Advising for Student Mobility
Carol A. Van Der Karr

Chapter 7
Understanding and Using Assessment Practices in the Context of the Transfer Student Experience
Kristin Moser

Chapter 8
Mark Allen Poisel and Sonya Joseph


Reviews & Endorsements:
"While the vast majority of community college students aspire to earn a bachelor's degree, only a small fraction do. The administrative, social, and academic challenges of transferring between two- and four-year colleges are major sources for this unfortunate paradox. Poisel and Joseph have assembled some of the best researchers and practitioners in the U.S. to provide deeply informative, yet easy-to-understand discussions of key aspects of the transfer challenge and a set of promising solutions. It is essential reading for anyone interested in this crucial topic."
- Martin Kurzweil, Director, Educational Transformation Ithaka S+R
"This book exquisitely captures the thinking of leaders in both transfer research and practice, with insightful examples from exemplary transfer partnerships in Florida and Arizona, pragmatic recommendations for transfer orientation, learning communities, and program assessment, and a terrific review of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center's contributions to what we know about student mobility in higher education."
- John Fink, Senior Research Associate, Community College Research Center