Academic Advising and the First College Year

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Published: September 2017  

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Published: September 2017  

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Published: September 2017  

Publisher: National Resource Center for The First Year Experience
260 pp., 6" x 9"
Published in partnership with NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising

Academic advisors help students learn to make the most of their college years, not merely by completing requirements toward a degree but also by growing intellectually and developing all aspects of their identity. Yet, many professional and faculty advisors are new to academic advising and may feel ill-equipped to do more than help students register for classes. This new edited collection provides an overview of the theory and best practice undergirding advising today while exploring the transition challenges of a wide-range of first-year college students, including those attending two-year colleges, coming from underrepresented backgrounds, entering underprepared for college-level work, and/or experiencing academic failure.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Addressing Changes in Advising First-Year Students
Jenny R. Fox and Holly E. Martin

Section I: The Critical Role of First-Year Academic Advising

Chapter 1: Emerging Concerns
Karen L. Archambault

Chapter 2: The Role of the Academic Advisor in the First Year
Joanne Damminger and Melissa Rakes

Section II: Transitions

Chapter 3: Advising Students Through First-Year Transitions
Maura Reynolds

Chapter 4: Unique Transitions at Two-Year Colleges
Tim Kirkner and Julie Levinson

Chapter 5: Advising Academically Underprepared Students
Marsha A. Miller and Carita Harrell

Chapter 6: Academic Recovery in the First Year
Nova Schauss Fergueson

Section III: Heightening Student Engagement in Their Own Education

Chapter 7: Advising Special Populations in the First Year
Ryan Tomasiewicz

Chapter 8: Engaging First-Year Students in Academic Planning
Melissa L. Johnson

Chapter 9: Dangers of Foreclosure
Leigh Shaffer and Jacqueline Zalewski

Section IV: Strengthening First-Year Advising Practices

Chapter 10: Advisors’ Tools, Resources, and Partnerships
Susan Poch

Chapter 11: The Assessment Process: Connecting Advising and Learning
Sharon A. Aiken-Wisniewski


Reviews & Endorsements:
Academic Advising and the First College Year draws on NACADA’s vast knowledge of and experience with academic advising that help readers apply that wisdom directly to their institution’s first-year advising practices. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who is serious about continuous quality improvement in academic advising for new college students.”
- John N, Gardner, President, and Andrew K. Koch, Chief Operating Officer, both John N. Gardner Institute of Excellence in Undergraduate Education, Brevard, NC
Academic Advising and the First College Year provides academic advisors, including faculty and advising administrators, with knowledge and resources to work more effectively with students—making students the ultimate beneficiaries of this book.”
- Chrissy Davis Jones, Dean of Student Support Services, Spokane Falls Community College